Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Naturally irritating?

Over many years, I've seemed to naturally upset people without even trying. I don't put on pretend fake smiles for the sake of being seen as having terrific people skills.

Anyway, it used to upset me.

But now I see the funny side of this 'gift.' It is hard not to develop a sense of humour, when you encounter so many unpleasant facial expressions in everyday human interaction.

Do you find you naturally upset people?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wish you'd never been born?

The subject of this post may be misleading.

I am genuinely quite happy, but I often think if I had never been born things would be so much easier.

I'd have a valid reason for being absent from everything. For example, in theory, nobody at work would ask, 'Why is fromtheuk not at this meeting?'

People wouldn't ask me to speak to them because I'd be non-existent.

I'd not meet rude, inconsiderate people at all! No more pain.

I wouldn't have to interact with people. I'd never upset anybody, it would be fantastic. I just wouldn't exist.

I'd not be responsible for anything at all.

Ever wish you'd never been born?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Equal Opportunities

I have lived most of my life in England. I've studied in the US. I've also worked/lived as an English teacher for over 2 years in South Korea. I'm now in my second year teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

I found that people in Britain could be snide, nasty, and very unpleasant so I thought they aren't very nice now are they?! I was in South Korea for over 2 years. There are quite a few teachers of English there from English-speaking countries. They complain of xenophobia. I also found many people there to be two-faced and hostile.

In Saudi Arabia, same thing.

Please don't misunderstand me, in all of the countries I've visited I've met kind, nice people. But they often tend to be the exception to the rule.

Bottom line: Many people are not nice, so I stay indoors as much as possible, because I'm happy there. If you don't look indigenous, the host community will make it clear that you don't fit in and are not welcome.

I like/dislike people on merit. I dislike alot of people equally, I don't discriminate. :)

Asian men grooming white teenage girls

I am of Pakistani heritage, I am British. I must say I was utterly disgusted by these sickening crimes. Whoever is guilty of such horrendous acts should be punished for it. If there is a proven trend among any section of society being most guilty of such criminality, then it should be addressed openly and fairly.

I can't stand the Labour party to be honest. But why is there such an outrage over Jack Straw's comments? The main focus of outrage should be against the criminals themselves. If statistics prove an undeniable link between child grooming and the Pakistani community, this should be highlighted and addressed, in order to solve the problem.

It is despicable the way the BNP are trying to highlight this as a Muslim problem. The sick individuals involved in these crimes against young girls did not engage in such acts due to their zeal for Islam. They did it because they are low-life scumbags.

I'd also like to say I have never thought of white women as easy meat. I personally consider them to be a national treasure. I don't know of any women in Europe that match English women when it comes to elegance, being wonderfully flimsy and thoroughly nice.

I've had the benefit of working and living abroad. I genuinely love women of all backgrounds.

The idea that all people of Pakistani ancestry view white women as cheap meat is pretty crass and false.

I love most women, including English women. Lastly, I would happily be protective of them as I would my own mother. Shame on those who groom young girls for sex!

Disappointed in humanity

I look at people and feel disappointed. I feel many people are rude and inconsiderate. I'm sure life has always been like that, but I feel people are deliberately unkind. I think I am the nicest person I've ever met or known (modest, I know). Mind you, I'm one of the few people I spend any time with. My life is based on avoidance of all things human. I tend to fulfill my need for human contact in cyberspace. It's so much nicer to not see people face to face. I feel this way, because I always end up irritating people or they get on my nerves. I am an awkward character. However, I feel happy on my own most of the time.

No I am not on medication and I never have been. Perhaps, that explains my mindset. :)

A dream come true?!! - I wish!

fromtheuk is fast asleep and has a dream...

He sits reading a newspaper in the local library. He looks up and sees an extremely beautiful woman approaching, she sits opposite fromtheuk.

fromtheuk continues to read 'Fly Fishing' by J. R. Hartley. Suddenly, he hears a lovely voice.

'Excuse me. But I cannot help but notice you're an exceptional gentleman, you're handsome, well-mannered, have integrity, you're not two-faced and you're utterly marvellous.' fromtheuk looks up while this glowing tribute takes place and it is coming from the mouth of the atttractive woman.

She is remarkably pretty and she also looks kind.

The woman continues, 'You have no social skills, a lack of money, you sit around and try to look as miserable as possible. Most of your friends are in cyberspace, I've noticed you're self-conscious and awkward in social situations. You're the man of my dreams!'

fromtheuk blushes.

The woman explains, 'If I were your woman I know we'd rarely venture outside of the house, but I am deeply in love with you and want to marry you anyway. I know you don't want kids, but I am willing to make sacrifices for the sake of our neverending love. I will substitute my maternal instincts by mothering you instead. I'll kiss and hug you regularly. I'll also agree with everything you say, shut up when you feel moody, cook/clean and be a good woman to you forever. You are also not rich, which is an added bonus in these harsh times of economic recession.'

fromtheuk thinks to himself for a moment and blurts out, 'I don't mean to be rude but this is totally unrealistic and a bit mad, are you for real?

fromtheuk wakes up. :)