Friday, January 14, 2011

Asian men grooming white teenage girls

I am of Pakistani heritage, I am British. I must say I was utterly disgusted by these sickening crimes. Whoever is guilty of such horrendous acts should be punished for it. If there is a proven trend among any section of society being most guilty of such criminality, then it should be addressed openly and fairly.

I can't stand the Labour party to be honest. But why is there such an outrage over Jack Straw's comments? The main focus of outrage should be against the criminals themselves. If statistics prove an undeniable link between child grooming and the Pakistani community, this should be highlighted and addressed, in order to solve the problem.

It is despicable the way the BNP are trying to highlight this as a Muslim problem. The sick individuals involved in these crimes against young girls did not engage in such acts due to their zeal for Islam. They did it because they are low-life scumbags.

I'd also like to say I have never thought of white women as easy meat. I personally consider them to be a national treasure. I don't know of any women in Europe that match English women when it comes to elegance, being wonderfully flimsy and thoroughly nice.

I've had the benefit of working and living abroad. I genuinely love women of all backgrounds.

The idea that all people of Pakistani ancestry view white women as cheap meat is pretty crass and false.

I love most women, including English women. Lastly, I would happily be protective of them as I would my own mother. Shame on those who groom young girls for sex!

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